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Jewellery mechanics

This workshop introduces students to a variety of mechanisms that allow part of a jewellery piece or object to move – whether open, close, rotate, swing, spin, fasten or flip. Such movement can either be used for function or aesthetics – from a sliding lid on a keepsake box, a hinge on a locket to playful object such as a yo yo or spinning top.

Students learn about the technicalities behind mechanisms and how to problem solve by looking in their everyday surroundings.  Demonstrations on the construction of different types of mechanisms are followed by practical exercises.

The workshop covers:

  • introduction to movement in jewellery
  • types of mechanisms
  • innovative uses
  • designing a mechanism
  • fabrication techniques
  • problem solving
  • useful tips and tricks


10am–4.30pm, Sunday 25 September 2011
$200 (materials additional)
Intermediate jewellery making experience necessary.

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