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Mould making and resin casting

Resin can be used to create anything from small objects to beads, rings, bangles, pendants and more. It is also great for incorporating colour into silver jewellery. This workshop will focus on the use of resin as either a full means of creating an object or as a technique allowing you to create components for your jewellery designs. It will cover:

– the construction of moulds – simple open and drop silicone moulds, complex 2-piece silicon moulds, bottom-fed moulds and bead moulds
– an overview of the different types of resins and their suitable applications
– pigmentation of resins
– stage pouring and embedding objects in resin
– model making and various fast setting modeling materials
– incorporating resin and silver/gold
– health and safety


: 10.00am–5.00pm, Sunday 4 August 2013
: 10.00am–5.00pm, Saturday 10 August 2013
: $250 (lunch and materials included)

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