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Karen, Nundah, Queensland
The Fio experience is amazing! I first attended the beginners course almost two years ago and had a fantastic teacher who was so encouraging for someone with NO previous jewellery (wearing it doesn’t count) or silversmithing experience. And I had a finished product at the end of the course I could wear, and still do! 

Since then I have done several workshops and intermediate courses under Matt’s teaching and guidance. Matt is a fantastic teacher, patient, encouraging, creative and loves problem solving, so no challenge is too great! He is very supportive of you trying new techniques and ideas yet also realistic in helping you choose appropriate projects. If a technique or style is too advanced he will willingly assist you to modify it into something you can achieve and guide you in learning new skills to carry it out successfully.

The Fio workshop in James Street is exceptionally well-equipped and provides you with just about any tool or process you could need in learning silversmithing and jewellery making techniques. Classes are small and Matt makes sure he spends time with each student. Starting each class with a delicious coffee (or herbal tea if you wish), Matt has a very easy-to-understand and relaxed approached that helps you learn easily – at the same time he is very aware of potential issues in the studio and keeps a close eye on everyone’s safety.

Matt is an extremely knowledgeable and talented artist who is very happy to share his extensive experience, his knowledge, his sources and time with you. Frequently I hear comments from people who have tried other jewellery schools but they always come back to Fio.

Thank you Matt, for opening up this exciting new world to me!”

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